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2019 Mar 16th 11:48pm
I'm just sitting outside getting some late winter sun on these old balls of mine (something like 80% of the vitamin D you get from sunlight comes from the light on your eyes), reflecting on the past few weeks. -- I use my public channels like instagram to connect with people who understand me and who get something out of my offerings. I realized years ago that depression cements when I keep my sadness to myself and let it fester into something darker. So instead, I decided I would communicate my emotional state openly with my communities so I could work out my feelings through the support of people who care enough to say so. It really helps to prevent me from feeling the heaviness I'm capable of feeling. All the love and support you've shown me really is crucial for my mental health. I really depend on my friends and fans for meaningful connections because life for me has become an unfamiliar prospect in lots of ways. -- All that is to say that my take on depression is that it's actually a social problem as much as it is an individual one. Having a reliable community that cares about me and that I can be open with has made a huge difference in allowing me to process my feelings that I might have just kept to myself in the past. Writing and singing songs is another way I communicate with my communities. If you feel depressed, finding the courage to open up can be a challenge, but it serves to be one of the most sustainable solutions. Getting sunlight also helps. You'll know the world has finally become a sane place again when everyone abandons daylight savings
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